Hetman #15 Ball Joint Lubricant

Hetman #15 Ball Joint Lubricant


Linkage and Ball Joint Lubricants: Hetman Synthetic Linkage and Ball Joint Lubricants are formulated for superior performance and protection of rotary valve linkage components: spherical rod end bearings (e.g. "Minibal" and "Unibal"), linkage joints, cross joints, lever hinges and ball joints. These lubricants combat wear; provide for positive, quiet actions; and prevent corrosion of linkage components. These formulations are nontoxic, and non-damaging to plastic components and rubber bumpers. Packaged in 22 ml precision needle oilers.


Used on SE Shires, Edwards, Greehoe, Schilke, Kanstul, Rath, Thayers, Hagmanns, & all Rotors. 



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