GB Trumpet Mouthpieces

GB Trumpet Mouthpieces

Model Cup Diameter Cup Depth Rim Shape
1S 17.3mm  .681" Shallow Medium Wide
1M " Medium "
17.3mm  .681" Medium Shallow
Shallower 1C
Medium Wide
1C " Medium Deep "
1 1/4S 17.1mm  .673" Shallow Medium Wide
1 1/4M " Medium "
1 1/4CS
17.1mm  .673" Medium Deep
shallower 1 1/4C
Medium Wide
1 1/4C " Medium Deep "
1 1/2S 16.9mm  .665" Shallow Medium Wide
1 1/2M " Medium "
1 1/2CS
16.9mm  .665" Medium Deep
shallower 1 1/2C
Medium Wide
1 1/2C " Medium Deep "
3S 16.5mm  .650" Shallow Medium Wide
3M " Medium "
16.5mm  .650" Medium Deep
shallower 3C
Medium Wide
3C " Medium Deep "
NEW 3CD 16.5mm .650" Medium Deep cup of 1 1/2C Medium Wide
5S 16.4mm  .646" Shallow Medium Wide
5M " Medium "
NEW 5CS " Medium Deep
shallower 5C
Medium Wide
5C " Medium Deep "
7S 16.3mm  .642" Shallow Medium Wide
7M " Medium "
NEW 7CS 16.3mm  .642" Medium Deep
shallower 7C
Medium Wide
7C " Medium Deep "
10S 16mm  .630" Shallow Medium Wide
 10M " Medium "
NEW 10CS " Medium Deep
shallower 10C
10C " Medium Deep "
NEW  12S 15.5mm .610" Shallow Medium Wide
NEW  12M " Medium "
NEW  12CS " Medium Deep
shallower 12C
NEW  12C " Medium Deep "

Commercial Backbores

#1 A tight backbore that provides a brilliant sound
#2 A backbore that provides resistance yet provides a lively sound.
#3 Can be used for different situations. Very even from top to bottom.
#4 Open enough to give a full, broad sound.
#5 Has power with less resistance to provide a bright tone.
#6 A medium sized, full sounding backbore. Excellent for a variety of styles

Classical Backbores

#7 Provides full, warm sound for all around work.
#8 A smaller, yet dark, symphonic sound. "Schmidt" style.
#9 A medium sized symphonic backbore that is centered and dark.
#10 A bigger, darker symphonic sound. Excellent for orchestral work.
#11 Big and free blowing to help in the upper register. Designed for piccolo use.
#12 Very open and free blowing. Sounds extremely dark.

Piccolo Trumpet Backbores

117-T This shank will fit piccolos designed for a trumpet shank. ie Blackburn
117-C This shank will fit those piccolos designed to have a cornet sized shank. ie Schilke
Please note that the two backbores above are designed to have the mouthpiece at the length of a cornet mouthpiece.

Specify size

Once regarded as the premiere mouthpieces for brass players, i.e., trumpet, trombone, and bass trombone, availability of GB mouthpieces are very scarce and often impossible to obtain.

The large selection of GB mouthpieces and its designs orginiated from the Giardinelli, NYC days. It was there that Bob Giardinelli designed the world reknowned Giardinelli Mouthpiece.

GB Mouthpieces incorporate the designs and specs of that of Giardinelli and Bach Mouthpieces.  All mouthpieces are outsourced and  manufactured by Warburton Musical Products, Fla.  Blanks are CNC made and then shipped to Greg Black where  “the finishing touches” are completed, i.e., stamping, backbore,cup tweaking, and buffing. Once this is completed, pieces are sent to either The BrassLab, Brooklyn, NY, or Stork Mouthpieces, Vermont for plating.  Accuracy is extremely marginal.


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