Altieri Tuba Bag

Altieri Tuba Bag


Our Tuba bags are all custom-sized, and each bag has a molded handle, shoulder strap and backpack straps. Dense foam protects the bottom bow and two layers protect the bell rim. A drawstring top eliminates zipper problems and offers accordion-like bell protection. A separate Bell/Mute Cover fits snugly over the bell, multiplying the protection for this delicate area. A large zipper pocket holds music folders, mouthpieces and music stands.



  1. Giant music compartment with stand sleeve and 2 mouthpiece/accessory pockets
  2. Adjustable body support strap tightens around the bottom bow to eliminate movement
  3. Zipper-free double drawstring closures creates accordian pleats around your bell for superb bell rim protection – just pull from both sides and you never have to worry about broken zippers
  4. Padded Bell Cover adds another layer of protection in the bell area
  5. Bell Cover adjusts the bag length to make room for a Mute – and even makes a great rain bonnet!

Front action piston tubas come with a "funny-looking" foam and velcro pad; just strap it over your pistons for extra protection.

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