Altieri Euphonium Bag

Altieri Euphonium Bag


One size does not fit all at ALTIERI. Our Euphonium bags, like our tuba bags, come in assorted sizes to fit the unique baritone. With the padded backpack straps, shoulder strap and handles, your euphonium is ready to travel in style, comfort and safety.


  1. Leadpipe and body buried inside ripstop nylon and dense closed cell foam
  2. Multilayered foam and plastic bell protection
  3. Sleeve covers the backpack straps – it can also slide over a rolling cart
  4. Perfectly balanced backpack straps that tuck away when not in use
  5. Bottom buckle adds another layer of protection.

Available Models:

#03 – Standard Euphonium 11.75”-13” bell, 27”-29” long
#03S – Small Euphonium 10.5”-11.5” bell, 25”-26.5” long
#03cst – Custom Euphonium – we love those double bells

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