CarolBrass \"Legendary\" .508 Trombone

CarolBrass "Legendary" .508 Trombone

"Professional tenor Bb trombone" This trombone is featured in 0.508" (12.90m/m) and new configuration, this totally new dimension ensures your air blow is much freer and easier. The special new made light weight bell provides more flexible sound, which can be easily captured by lead players from any kind of Jazz themes. The full hand-made scratched "Satin Lacquer" finishing bell is such a eye-catching feature for you!

Model:                 CTB-2209-YST-YNNN-Y3
Key:                    Bb
Finishing:             Satin Lacquer Bell
Bore:                   ML 0.508"
Bell:                    Yellow brass & wire rim soldered
Bell size:             S 8.000"
Bell thickness:     T (Thin)
Leadpipe:             Yellow brass

*Inner yellow brass/ Outer nickel silver slide
*Hard chromium plated nickel-silver inner hand slide
*Nickel silver outer hand slide
*Yellow brass hand slide U bow, squared

Also come with:
Black Backpacker bag
CarolBrass® 12C motuhpiece
Cleaning cloth (wipe)
Cleaning rod
Hand slide lube

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