Asymetric LEAD 342M Trumpet Mouthpiece

Asymetric LEAD 342M Trumpet Mouthpiece

The LEAD 342M
with pouch and brush

If you're one of those power players who likes to put a little more air through his mouthpiece, we're offering the Lead-342M
(for modified). The Lead-342M is identical to the Lead-342 except it has a shorter (0.100 in) cylindrical section below the throat and a smidgen larger backbore. This mouthpiece will go up to double C without breaking up and can deliver (depending on the player) just a hair more power over the complete acoustic range. But, it takes a little more air and is a little less resistant. Testers were split on this, so we decided to offer both.  If you're into super paint-peeling power, and need a tiny bit less resistance, the M has it.