Velocity \"Ben Patterson\" Trombone Mouthpiece No.7

Velocity "Ben Patterson" Trombone Mouthpiece No.7

“This is the only mouthpiece I’ve ever owned that meets all my needs: unlimited speed of articulations and slurs, powerful projection, and consistently great tone and evenness of playing across all registers and at all volumes. This is the mouthpiece for me. I use it for everything I do” Ben Patterson

Ben Patterson is jazz trombonist with the USAF Airmen of Note, lead trombonist for the Alan Baylock Jazz Orchestra, leader of the Ben Patterson Sextet, and trombonist for Sin Miedo, the Washington DC area’s top Latin band. For more info or to buy Ben’s CD, visit Ben Patterson


Specs: ID 25.092 MM (1mm in from face) or 24.7mm (1.7mm in from face) (11C or Sch. 46D), Rim Width 6.7 mm, Bore 6.045mm


Comfort Rim: Dave Houser’s unique rim design provides support for increased endurance and better-slotting upper register to your sound, increase playing comfort by reducing or eliminating bruising and lip irritations, and are more durable and hypo-allergenic


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