Asymetric \"Virtuoso\" Mouthpiece

Asymetric "Virtuoso" Mouthpiece

with pouch and brush

From 1848, when Arban first established the Cornet’s place as a classic instrument, to the present, the Cornet has won favor among great brass virtuosos the world over as the ideal choice for brass expression. Other players, from highschool to more advanced professionals, also seem to be drawn to the warmer sound of the Cornet. Today, we also enjoy the landmark advantages of the Asymmetric mouthpiece. A natural step in the evolution of Cornet equipment would seem to be the combination of Cornet and Asymmetric mouthpiece. We at Asymmetric, have taken that step.

The Asymmetric VIRTUOSO Cornet mouthpiece gives the player more and easier high register, a bigger sound and doubled endurance. And, the deep Flugel-like cup and enlarged throat and backbore preserve the ‘British Brass Band’ sound, favored by many, if not all, Cornetists. Whether you’re an embryo virtuoso, or just like the sound and added capability in your Cornet, the VIRTUOSO will do the job, and do it better than any other cornet mouthpiece available now. Play one, and see what all the talk is about.



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