DW Steven Meade Gold Euphonium Mouthpiece

DW Steven Meade Gold Euphonium Mouthpiece

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Large shank size: fits all modern euphoniums, e.g., B&H 700, 900
and Prestige range, Hirsbrunner, Willson large bore, Yamaha professional model
SM2 Large 27.00mm 40.50mm 6.75mm 7.40mm Barrel
SM3 Large 26.40mm 40.00mm 6.80mm 7.38mm Barrel
SM3.5 Large 26.40mm 40.00mm 6.80mm 7.62mm Barrel
SM4 Large 26.00mm 39.44mm 6.72mm 7.38mm Barrel
SM5 Large 25.73mm 39.00mm 6.64mm 7.30mm Barrel
SM2 Euphonium The largest Steven Mead euphonium mouthpiece. It possesses a massive low range and rich middle register. Popular with tuba players who must also play euphonium.
SM3 Euphonium The SM3 is used by many top soloists including the designer Steven Mead. It has a very deep cup and beautiful soaring sound.
SM3M Euphonium Same as SM3 but with a European-size shank.
SM3.5 Euphonium A cross between the SM3 and SM4, with the cup depth of the SM4 and the rim diameter of the SM3. Standard equipment for the Besson Prestige euphonium. Strikes the right balance between tone and ease of playing.
SM4 Euphonium The most popular Steven Mead model. It is the choice of many of the top euphonium players worldwide. Similar in dimension to the Schilke 51D.
SM4M Euphonium Same as SM4 but with a European-size shank.
SM5 Euphonium Smaller in diameter than SM4 but still quite deep.
SM4 Baritone

Same as SM4 designed for baritone.

SM6 Baritone The most popular Steven Mead baritone mouthpiece and also popular with Bb tenorhorn players.
SM9 Baritone Provides an easy upper register for players who don't want to sacrifice a beautiful quality of sound.


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