Pickett Bass Trombone Rim

Pickett Bass Trombone Rim

Experience the comfort and ease of playing with Pickett bass trombone rims.
The Pickett line of screw rim trombone mouthpieces makes it possible to dial in the response and sound to where you want it to be.  Finding the right mouthpiece for the job just got easier.  
The bass trombone rims include the following sizes.  
  • 1       1.167" diameter
  • 1.3    1.147" diameter
  • 1.5    1.127" diameter
  • 1.6    1.117"  diameter
  • 1.75  1.107" diameter
Each rim must be coupled with the same sized cup.
Each of these can be tweaked towards 2 rim configurations:
  • C  A sharper rim that affords the player a more immediate response, clear articulation, focused core, and excellent malleable color.
  • R  A larger, open, and more responding bite with a very relaxed compression and easy feedback.
All available in polished silver or optional polished gold.
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Trombone Cup Size
  • 1         (1.167" inner dia.)
  • 1.30    (1.147" inner dia.)
  • 1.5      (1.127" inner dia.)
  • 1.6      (1.117" inner dia.)
  • 1.75    (1.107" inner dia.)
  • 2         (1.087" inner dia.)


Trombone Rim Shape

  • C:    Standard
  • R:    Round


Please inquire for details.


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