Short Natural Trumpet Gig Bag (Large)

Short Natural Trumpet Gig Bag (Large)

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Here you can build your own bag from any of the base models listed below. All bags come with standard material and a shoulderstrap unless otherwise described and each model has a series of options which you can add to create your own personal bag design. All bags in this range will be handmade to order and therefore a minimum of 28 days should be allowed for delivery..... NOTE: We have greatly improved the reliability of the standard fittings on our bags and as a result we are currently unable to offer metal fittings as an option on this page. Customers who would still prefer metal fittings should make their order by email and we can discuss the options available to you.
Short Natural Trumpet Gig Bag (Large). Designed for the Egger 3 hole system natural trumpet. It has space for all the pipes and crooks plus other accessories
  • Upgraded material
  • Leather   
Backpack Upgrade
Extra boards
  • 3  (recommended)
  • 4


Reflective Stripes