Brass, Gold Brass, Nickel Silver or Sterling Silver

The leadpipe is the first point of contact with the player after the mouthpiece and is therefore a very important component for you to select for your desired sound and feel. The diameter and placement of the venturi (the smallest point in the taper of the pipe) have significant effects on the playing characteristics of an instrument. Three interchangeable yellow brass leadpipes are included with each slide:

  • 1 = Smallest venturi diameter: compact sound with very clear articulation
  • 2 = Medium venturi diameter: more open sound
  • 3 = Largest venturi diameter: large, broad sound

Leadpipes for the various bore sizes are stamped as follows, before the number:

  • T85 = .485 bore
  • T0 = .500 bore
  • T8 = .508 bore
  • M = .525 bore, small shank receiver
  • MT = .525 bore, large shank receiver
  • (none) = .547 bore
  • B = .562 bore (bass trombone)
  • BB = .578 bore (XL bass trombone)

The following options are available and can be substituted for the standard leadpipes at no additional cost:

  • 1.5 = Between 1 and 2
  • 2.5 = Between 2 and 3
  • L = Longer version of any numbered pipe for more centered feel (not available for small bores)
  • S = Shorter version of any numbered pipe for more open feel
  • G = Gold Brass pipe: warmer, more dense sound
  • N = Nickel Silver pipe: more brilliant sound
  • VE = Vintage Elkhart, available for .547 bore tenor trombones
  • SS = Sterling Silver pipe, available at additional cost: very solid, dense sound


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