Model 401B

Model 401B

• .462"-bore,two-piece, standard-weight valve cluster with yellow brass balusters
• "401B" bell flare, one-piece, balanced heavy-weight, yellow brass in traditional-length bend; power, beauty, flexibility, clear articulations, and easy response
• "401" leadpipe, open and free-blowing taper, flexible slot .351" venturi

The Model 401B features a uniquely balanced, somewhat heavier “4” bell taper, which combines a big, powerful sound with easy response. Matched with the open 401 leadpipe and the centered and projecting WF tuning slide, it produces an ideal balance of breadth, clarity, depth and projection. Yellow-brass balusters add warmth to the sound while nickel-silver valve caps add brilliance and character, increase its core, and contribute to cleanness and immediacy of attack. The Model 401B is an incredible orchestral C trumpet.