Accord cases have been a premium choice for musicians all over the world who want to make their life easier. The reason for that is that Accord cases are built of advanced composite materials which guarantee a truly unprecedented weight/strength ratio. Accord uses unique technology to achieve lightness, strength, instrument safety and reduction in size. Furthermore, Accord's production process is based on gradual case reinforcements with Kevlar, depending on Accord's customer's demands. Hand made of finest quality fabrics and fittings. Accord cases are designed to be both beautiful and extremely protective. Within the artisan constructed carbon shell (twice the strength of any conventional material of the same weight), is a dual density foam suspension system to totally isolate the instrument from any impact.
From the nature of carbon fiber, Accord has managed to develop a product with amazing protective qualities, and yet extremely light. Besides its’ remarkable physical characteristics, working with carbon (composite materials) inspires the realization of a unique aesthetic-artistic achievement. The streamlined and extremely elegant design are found beautiful by numerous clients. The subtle curves on Accord cello cases could be compared to the subtle lines of the body of a dancer or an athlete.  The form of the case follows the shape of the instrument providing extraordinary strength which guarantees the instrument's protection. The dimensions of the case are reduced to the minimum making it practical for travel by plane, car, bicycle, etc. What is particularly distinctive, and separates Accord in terms of choice of exterior finishes, is Accord’s unique 3D (three dimensional) option, with or without accent colors that many clients perceive as «the snake skin look». Each case is carefully handcrafted and therefore unique in its’ own right.  Since every case is a result of sophisticated craftsmanship, we are also able to build in a personal touch and personalize each case according to customers’ wishes. Such options include calligraphy in silver and gold letters, pictures or logos under the varnish. Accord cases exterior is also available in virtually every solid color, including metallic finishes.


Flight Model

3.4 kg / 7.5 lbs

These are really strong and yet lighter then conventional cases. Two extra layers of carbon reinforced material and Kevlar make these cases twice as strong - virtually indestructible. Estimated strength: 150 kilo crush resistance.

Our recommendation: built to withstand all rigors of travel.


- all the Accord's standard color options except silver metallic color options
- Texture-granulated varnish finish
- 3 straps: one shoulder strap (longer) and two back-pack straps (shorter)

Universally designed interior to fit all instrument sizes. Set of different density foam cushions to totally isolate the instrument from any impact. Their easy to change position provides perfect fitting and motionless even for various instruments in the same case. Interior in black only. Two extra inner straps, recommendable for additional safety. Compartment for two mouth pieces. Large accessories compartment. Music sheets holder.


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