Bass Trombone Practice Mute

Bass Trombone Practice Mute

Voigt Practice Mutes formerly known as the Wallace Collection was one of the most sought after tools of the trade.
Extremely popular these mutes "fell to the waist side" due to poor business and judgement of Wallace.

All of the mutes where made by Voigt Brass of Germany and labeled Wallace.
Voigt has a long tradition throughout the music world of designing and crafted the fines in brass instruments, parts, accessories and mutes. A family owned and operated business everything is done in house.

I am very flattered and excited to be working with the Voigt family.

So with no further ado, I introduce the Voigt Practice Mutes.  They speak for themselves with ease, fit, intonation, and minimal resistance.

From Voigt...
"So we have strengthened the connection significantly and have no complaints.
But by the way they work great".


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