HEYDAY'S - slide

Everyone is dreaming of instrument slides gliding like on ball-bearings or valves perfectly working without seizing… yet without constant cleaning or greasing. We have developed a totally new technology which makes that possible by simply spraying water on the surface of your instrument. Successful trombonists such as Jerry Tillitz, Irvin Karan, Chris Fidler, or Prof. Uwe Voigt of the Sächsische Staatskapelle Dresden are already using this innovative product.

HEYDAY’S – slide is not a common temporary slide lubricant based on fat/oil or silicone but a totally new, semi-permanent coating material especially developed for slides and valves of brass instruments. With HEYDAY’S – slide, common lubricants are unnecessary on ideal conditions.

HEYDAY’S – slide is a rather surface modification than a coating. The “layer” can neither be noticed optically nor haptically. You will only recognize that it works wonderfully.

The slides or valves to be treated must be cleaned thoroughly and degreased (we recommend HEYDAY’S – preclean). Now you only need to spray a thin and even layer of HEYDAY’S – slideonto the inner sstockings or the valve. Finally, let “harden” for one hour.

Now simply spray water functioning as lubricant onto the relevant parts of your instrument as usually. For that use, we also offer a stylish and handy bottle. Common lubricants can be used additionally, but usually they are no longer necessary.

Depending on your playing frequency, one single coating lasts for several weeks. In case of diminishing effect, re-apply HEYDAY’S – slide as described above. One bottle lasts for at least four coatings (trombone slide).

Benefits of HEYDAY’S – slide:

  • Outstanding slide performance 
  • Water functions as the only lubricant 
  • Usually no additional lubricants necessary, yet common lubricants can be used as well 
  • One single application lasts for several weeks! (depending on playing frequency) 
  • Significant cost reduction 
  • Slides or valves will not become sticky or get stuck 
  • No problems with emulsifying fat/oil and water 
  • No soil/dust adhesion (no laborious cleaning of slides and valves neccesary) 
  • No more greasy spots on sheet music, clothes, bags…

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