XO 1236

The XO 1236 provides players with a superb response and sound that can be sculpted to perfection in any register. Its rich, commanding tone immediately establishes a link between the player and the audience, or rounds out the harmonious depth of a professional ensemble.


Reverse Main Tuning Slide

The design of the reverse main tuning slide reduces resistance and provides a free-blowing experience.

Two-piece 8.5"  Bell          Yellow or Rose Brass

The two-piece bell ensures consistent thickness with controlled resonance.

0.547" Bore

Thayer or Rotary Valve

Traditional or Open Wrap

Interchangeable Leadpipes

The interchangeable leadpipes allow the player to personalize their playing experience.

Removable Counterweight System

The XO three-pieces-balance-counterweight system can be installed or removed with a threaded cap easily. It allows the performers to balance their instruments and offers a better playing experience. The performers can decide whether to use the counterweight system depending on their personal preferences.


Models: http://www.xobrass.com/instruments/trombones/bbf-rotary-trombones/1236


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