XO 1602

The XO 1602 Bb trumpet is the perfect instrument for musicians who need to be flexible. With its balanced overtones, the 1602 is used by musicians who play in many genres and in diverse musical settings.


1602 with Standard or Reverse Leadpipe

Standard leadpipes provide slightly more resistance for those who prefer this more traditional feel.

Reverse leadpiples provide less resistance for those seeking a more free blowing instrument.

Handcrafted One-piece Bell

The design of the handcrafted one-piece bell achieves a rich and brilliant tone.

Hand Fitted, Dual-lapped Monel Valves

The hand fitted, dual-lapped monel valves provide exceptionally smooth playability and quiet operation.

XO Trumpet Accessory Kit

Players will have a more comfortable, personalized playing experience with the included XO trumpet accessory kit.


Models: http://www.xobrass.com/instruments/trumpets/bb-trumpets/1602

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