Symphony 1 Series

Symphony 1 Series

Symphony Series

An evolution in mouthpiece design utilizing several concepts from the standard Schilke line, the Symphony Series models are on the larger side of the mouthpiece spectrum creating a deep, vibrant sound with a well-focused center and conceptually developed to meet the demands of the modern orchestral player. They have comfortable rim shapes that provide a clean, crisp attack. They are offered with a standard cup depth or a deep bowl shape.

The 150 Series and “C” option for the Symphony Series (M1C, M150C, etc.) were developed working with Jack Sutte, trumpet player with the Cleveland Orchestra. The F cup models were originally developed for the Houston Ballet Orchestra trumpet section. The mouthpiece originally known as the “fluffy” has a flugel style cup and trumpet stem with the same rim contour and feel as the other models in this series. This has been a very popular custom choice for quieter passages where a cornet sound is desired without losing the control and focus of the sound.

(Rim Comparison = Schilke 19 / 20 or 1C)

Model throat Description
M1 24 Standard bowl shape “C” cup with a 24 throat and Schmidt backbore. Excellent all around mouthpiece for both C and Bb trumpet.
M1C 27 Standard bowl shape “C” cup with tighter 27 throat and Schilke C backbore. A wonderful option for the player that desires a balanced, compact feel with more resistance than the M1 model.
M1D 24 Standard bowl cup with 24 throat and TIGHTER Schmidt backbore. Very good option for either Bb or Eb trumpet playing.
M1* 24 The “*” models share same rim and cup as the ‘M’ and “MD” models. They have a LARGER Schmidt backbore with a shorter throat that creates less resistance and a more open feel.
D1 24 Deeper bowl shape cup that still provides feedback for control. The ‘D’ cups have a smaller version of the Schmidt backbore, tighter to balance the deeper cup.
F1 20 The ‘F’ models offer a deep “V” shape cup that provides darker, warmer, more conical color allowing one to project at full capacity but maintain a soft mellow sound. These models utilize a shorter shank to compensate for cup volume plus a larger throat size & backbore taper.



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