Symphony 4 Series

Symphony 4 Series

Symphony Series

An evolution in mouthpiece design utilizing several concepts from the standard Schilke line, the Symphony Series models are on the larger side of the mouthpiece spectrum creating a deep, vibrant sound with a well-focused center and conceptually developed to meet the demands of the modern orchestral player. They have comfortable rim shapes that provide a clean, crisp attack. They are offered with a standard cup depth or a deep bowl shape.

The 150 Series and “C” option for the Symphony Series (M1C, M150C, etc.) were developed working with Jack Sutte, trumpet player with the Cleveland Orchestra. The F cup models were originally developed for the Houston Ballet Orchestra trumpet section. The mouthpiece originally known as the “fluffy” has a flugel style cup and trumpet stem with the same rim contour and feel as the other models in this series. This has been a very popular custom choice for quieter passages where a cornet sound is desired without losing the control and focus of the sound.

(Rim Comparison = Schilke 14 / 13 -Between 3C - 5C)

Model throat Description
M4C 27 The M4C ‘Symphony Series’ trumpet mouthpiece offers a comfortable rim profile and provides a full, vibrant sound! Created to meet the demands of an aspiring student or professional requiring a smaller inside rim diameter between M3C and M5C models. It futures a standard bowl shape “C” cup with tighter #27 throat and Schilke C backbore.








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