Holding Strap

Holding Strap

 LSCO Holding Strap

Wrap the strap around your hand and attach around the mouthpiece holder and you will reduce the weight of that heavy instrument on your wrist.  Perfect for long rehearsals and practise sessions.  The younger player, especially, will be thankful for this item.

The large strap is for the person with larger hands.  The strap measures approximately 9" end to end when closed.  Because the strap closes with Velcro, minor adjustments can be made to the fit.

How to find the proper fit for you:

While holding your trombone in a playing position, wrap a string or cloth tape completely around the back of your hand and the mpc. receiver.  Keeping the string closed like a circle, measure the diameter (or pull the string tight into two lengths).  This measurement will be the approximate size for you and your trombone.







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