Softone Mute Large Tenor

Softone Mute Large Tenor

Softone Mutes
designed by Jazz Trombonist

Ira Nepus
Soft neoprene, lightweight, easy to use and will not mar your bell. Folds up easily for storage. These mutes are ideal for practicing or performance. Improves sound quality and creates a wide variety of tonal colors.

The Softone Mutes for trombone are used as a practice mute and also the  bucket mute seems to be another useful popular application.

Practice Mute: You need to inflate the mute over your bell by blowing-it-up through the mouthpiece, as if blowing-up a balloon. Great for developing the corner muscles of the embouchure and cuts warm-up times in half. Helps to build the face muscles, not tear them down.

Bucket Mute: Just hang the mute over the top part of the bell.

    • 188L (large bell)


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