\"Travel\" by Glenn Cronkhite (Large-Leather)

"Travel" by Glenn Cronkhite (Large-Leather)

Cronkhite 2 Piece Travel Gig Bag

Two piece design makes travel a breeze.

Whether its a crowded NYC Subway or Airport Terminal, this case makes traveling a delight.

The most compact case on the market. Makes everyday use as well as travel a breeze. Accommodates all bass bells with Rotors, Thayers, Hagmanns,Shires, Greenhoe, and Edwards

Please specify color

  • Black
  • Dark Chocolate Brown
  • Brown
  • Medium Brown
  • British Tan 
  • Red
  • Dark Blue
  • Olive Green

          or any 2 tone combination

Two Tone Colors Available. Please add $10.00

Choose any two colors and your bag will have that unique look.

Sides of the bag will be one color and top and bell area will be the second






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