\"Travel\" by Glenn Cronkhite (Small-Medium-Leather)

"Travel" by Glenn Cronkhite (Small-Medium-Leather)

Cronkhite 2 Piece Travel Gig Bag

Two piece design makes travel a breeze.

Whether its a crowded NYC Subway or Airport Terminal, this case makes traveling a delight.

 "My trombone travel case has a very simple system for separating and reconnecting the two parts. The only place you're likely to do this is at an airport. If you are separating them just to walk on an airplane, you can reattach the case before you put them in the overhead. The cases are strongest when attached. The double wood in the slide case is a good bumper between your horn and whatever is next to it... You may never have to take the cases apart, as they look smaller when attached than a standard case. However, just knowing that you can, in the event that you have to, may take some of the fear out of flying with your horn.


                                                                                            Glenn Cronkhite

 Please specify color

  • Black
  • Dark Chocolate Brown
  • Brown
  • Medium Brown
  • British Tan 
  • Red
  • Dark Blue
  • Olive Green

          or any 2 tone combination

Two Tone Colors Available. Please add $10.00

Choose any two colors and your bag will have that unique look.

Sides of the bag will be one color and top and bell area will be the second







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