Alan Kaplan 1602B-P

Alan Kaplan 1602B-P

Kanstul's newest trombone is here, and received great praise at the recent ITA Festival in Salt Lake City last month. This is the horn that LA Studio great Alan Kaplan has been performing and recording with - including this year's Grammys, and the Academy Awards. Specifications are: .500" bore lightweight hand slide, 7½" diameter one piece light weight brass bell; three new interchangeable mouthpipes. We understand that Alan's old bell was originally designed by Matty Shiner for the great Tommy Dorsey. It was from this very bell that Zig Kanstul drew inspiration to produce his new 1602. The Kanstul Model 1602B-P offers superior playing characteristics and response that a working professional requires, and we think you'll appreciate this at any level of performance, whether you're a professional, college student or a hobbyist.


Options: .491, .491-500 dual bore and straight .500

Case & Mouthpiece Pouch Included 

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