Berp BioOil for Rotor Valves



For trumpet, horn, baritone, euphonium, trombone and tuba

Our oil is petroleum free and available in the widest range of viscosities on the market. available in three viscosities for rotor valves:

No. 4 Light (2.2cst)

No. 5 Medium (3.3cst)

No. 6 Heavy (5.6cst)

Available in two viscosities for linkage & bearings:

No. 7 Medium (42.5cst)

No. 8 Heavy (90cst)

Additional information

No. 4 Light

2.2 cst

No. 5 Medium

3.3 cst

No. 6 Heavy

5.6 cst

No. 7 Medium

42.5 cst

No. 8 Heavy

90 cst