Brass Bags Leather Premier Quad Trumpet Gig Bag


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Brass Bags are now firmly established as World leaders in the manufacture of gig bags for brass instruments. For many years now professional trumpet players worldwide have been throwing away their old gig bags and going over to a Brass Bags product.

The reason is quite simply that they are just the best and most practical gig bags that can be obtained at any price and easily the best value gig bags on the market today.

Players make comments like “this is the bag I’ve been looking for for years” and ” it’s so simple yet everything fits in perfectly, I can’t understand why no-one’s thought of it before”

Double, Triple, and Quad bags for standard and German trumpets. Cornet, Flugel/Trumpet combination bags. Natural trumpet bags and Sackbut bags.

Leather Premier Quad Trumpet Gig Bag. This model shares the same options as the Premier Quad Trumpet Gig Bag, except it is beautifully made in highest quality soft black leather. Will hold any combination of x 4 trumpets, mutes, music and accessories without the need for an extra bag. Will also hold a tablet or medium size laptop computer.