Glanz Trombone Practice Mute


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The development concept of this mute is:

①Reduce the stress of pitch rise when wearing
②Improved noise reduction performance so that you can practice even in a wooden apartment
③ With less stressful blowing feeling (resistance)
④Achieving a compact size that can be stored in a case

Development started with a goal:

As for the change in pitch when worn, a pitch rise of about 30 cents can easily occur with a compact size that generally fits in a bell.
If you don’t care about storage performance and try to eliminate the stress of pitch, you can make a mute with good pitch relatively easily by popping it out about 5 to 6 cm, but it will be difficult to carry.

It was a very difficult task to reduce the pitch change as much as possible in a size that fits the bell of a musical instrument, but we repeated many prototypes and finally arrived at the current shape.

In addition, we are particular about the silencing performance, and it is equipped with a silencing performance that makes it possible to practice even in an apartment, house, concert hall, or theater pit.

*Similar to a general soundproof room, by muting the volume to the same level as the TV, the rest of the sound is not transmitted to the next house due to the walls of the building.

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