Trombone Push In Adapters Fine Thread Set

Now you can try push in mouthpipes in your fine threaded trombone slide! Simply slide the adapters one at a time onto the mouthpipe you desire until you find the one with the best fit and the least gap. Then screw your choice of the fine threaded OD adapters into your fine threaded slide receiver and the smooth ID bore is now ready to accept your chosen push in mouthpipe. 

We were able to develop a series of smooth bore fine OD threaded rings that graduate in .002 increments that match the taper of push in mouthpipes. This allows each adapter, small, medium, Large, XL and XXL to each fit .040 farther up the mouthpipe so you can get the best fit with the least gap. 

Because of the different thicknesses of materials and slight differences in the manufacturing processes there are small variations in the ID of mouthpipes. That is why we now offer this 5 piece set from small to XXL. Experiment with different brands, styles and materials!

These work on large bore tenor and bass trombones, .562 or .547 slides.


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