Instrument Innovations Rotary Valves

Hands Down Superior Sound!!

Our Instrument Innovations Tenor Rotary Valve plays more open than a traditional rotary valve without the extra wind required by an axial flow. Our ball bearing technology allows lightning fast, smooth, and quiet operation. The pressure releases at half stroke with our venting system, which is only possible because of our precision machining. No lapping required. Our rotor rides between bearings which eliminates the abrasion that causes the valve to lose seal.

Our valve can be actuated from either side!


  • Tenor Rotary Valve 90/180 Open Port Configuration
  • Tenor Rotary Valve 90/90 Closed Port Configuration 
  • Bass Rotary Valve 90/180 Open Port Configuration
  • Bass Rotary Valve 90/90 Closed Port Configuration


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