Jay Friedman Alto

Jay Friedman Alto 

Friedman Alto No. 1; A brilliant sounding alto mouthpiece, great for solo playing and centering the larger bore alto trombones. This mouthpiece is excellent for pieces such as Beethoven 5, 9. Also valuable for creating a historical sound of the 19th century, with it's more alto timbre. I find myself using this mouthpiece more and more to recreate the sound of older authentic alto resonances.

This mouthpiece also works well with small-bore tenor trombones to get an authentic sound on French Impressionist type music. Compares to Bach 4 / Hammond 11 rim. Small stem only.
Friedman Alto No. 2; A slightly larger version of No. 1 with more body, slightly less brilliance. More orchestral type sound such as in the music of Mozart etc. Good mouthpiece for an alto with a narrow bore. Also good with smaller bore tenor trombones. Compares to Bach 4 / Hammond 11 rim. Small stem only.
Friedman Alto No. 3: A larger sized alto mouthpiece suitable for late Romantic music, such as Brahms, Dvorak etc. This mouthpiece will blend with the tenor and bass trombone, but will still keep the classic alto sound. Can be used with medium-bore tenor trombones when extreme high register or extreme endurance is required. Compares to Bach 4 /Hammond 11 rim. Small stem only.



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